The Best Thai Family Holidays

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Relaxation, sight seeing, time with the family or spending time alone; whatever your reasons are, there are as many opinions about holidays as there are people in the world.
The tensions and grinding routines of every day life and work necessitate a vacation.
This is paramount in ensuring both physical and mental health.
Family holidays are common ll over the world in many of the countries both near and far.
One such country is Thailand.
The exotic land of delicious Thai food, Thailand has many wonderful activities for the whole family to enjoy.
For children, Thailand is perhaps an endless joy ride filled with theme parks, beaches, jungle treks, swimming, diving, water sports, elephant rides, water parks and national parks.
Explore the cities and towns of Thailand for many varieties of entertainment.
The nightlife of Pattaya will enthrall you with its dancing, music and warm people.
It is one of the cities of Southern Thailand that offers many chances for a complete night out.
Moreover, if you are seeking adventure, take your family on one of the thrilling trekking expeditions on elephants.
Wander though the impenetrable woods of Thailand as your elephant calmly rocks you in your search for unique and rare flora and fauna.
Another popular spot is the Ko Samet island.
With the city of Bangkok close by, this island is better known for its quietness and calm.
It is not the best place for parties or diving so less crowded.
This has become the reason for many locals and international visitors for preferring it over others.
The party life of Ko Samet comes alive on the weekends when people are usually seen crowding in and around the bars of the central area.
For those wishing to stay away from them, they can easily remain away from the bars and maintain their peaceful holiday.
Although the island is not advertised as a resort, it has an excellent modern resort known as Ao Prao.
Located towards the West, this resort is a favorite spot for many of Thailand's elite class.
Many well known Thai actors and actresses are also frequent visitors.
Another resort is the Silversand Resort that is near the Ao Phai beach.
The bar at this resort serves the most delicious steak and fries that should certainly be tried.
Ko Samui, another island towards the Gulf of Thailand, is also a quiet place.
Families and couples can enjoy the comfort and peace of natural surroundings because of the thick woods and vast beaches.
Consider the Choeng Monis beach for a calm romantic day out as this beach is secluded and private as opposed to the others that have a large number of visitors.
The island of Phi Phi is perhaps one of the best places for family holidays.
Because of its secluded location, less activities and low nightlife, this island has a smaller number of tourists than the others.
Water sports like diving and snorkeling are the popular sports offered here.
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