5 Creative Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties

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There are so many fun ideas for kids parties.
When planning your child's party you need to consider the theme, catering, guest list and what sort of kids clothes will go with the theme of the party.
Organising a kids party can be a fun event.
We've listed the top 5 ideas here along with games and decorations for each type of party.
Fairy Party Whether at home or at a venue these parties have always been a hit with girls.
It is a great theme for dress ups and catering is easy...
choose a colour, pink for example and make cupcakes with pink icing, have pink plates, cups, napkins and pink soda.
Decorating is easy by using glitter on the tables and using ornamental fairies throughout the party area.
If you choose to have the party at home, it might be worthwhile to hire a fairy entertainer who will come and entertain the children too.
Pirate Party A Pirate Party is a great idea for boys with so many fun activities you can organise.
The dress up element to this idea is easy..
a simple bandanna and eye patch with a drawn on scar on the cheek will suffice.
The best activity for this party is a treasure hunt.
Create clues and have the kids search for them in a designated party area at your home or at a park.
Decorate with skull decorated cupcakes and chocolate gold coins on the tables.
Sports Party with an Olympics theme Great for sporty boys and girls.
Create an Olympic themed party in a large yard or park and have pretend gold metals for everyone.
This is great for those who are very active and enjoy playing lots of sports.
This is also a great choice as it is something both girls and boys will enjoy.
Best of all too, you don't have to worry about themed kids clothing.
A great game to set up is a circuit of different activities.
Group the kids into different teams so they can have competitions to see who can throw the most balls in the hoop within a set time and other similar games.
Superhero Party Kids can have a party where everyone has to dress up as their favourite superhero.
This is suitable for both boys and girls and easy to host in the home.
Decorating the party area with movie posters of their favourite superheros is a good start.
Girls Tea Party A tea party with craft activities might be just the thing for your little girl.
This is a traditional party for girls who love to makes things.
What is great about this idea is that the children can make things and take them home with them.
You can have an area for making necklaces and bracelets and an area for making colourful sand bottles or other craft items.
I hope by reading our list of the top kids party ideas you have found inspiration for your own child's birthday party celebration.
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