Classroom Algebra Games for SMART Board

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    General Coordinates Game

    • General Coordinates Game is a SMART Board activity that reinforces the understanding of the Cartesian coordinate system. In this game, students are required to identify the coordinates of a randomly generated point on the map. Students can also create a point on the map by inputting their own coordinates. Positive and negative coordinates and quadrants in the Cartesian system are among the properties learned by completing this assignment.

    Number Cruncher

    • Number Cruncher is a SMART Board activity that teaches the properties of linear functions. The students solve linear equations that are displayed in the number cruncher by determining the rule that the number cruncher is following. For example, students will add their own number as an input. The number cruncher will automatically create an output. It is up to the student to determine the relationship between the two numbers as a rule.

    Algebra Quiz

    • Algebra Quiz is an activity that allows students to practice solving linear and quadratic algebra equations. Students are allowed to determine the difficulty level and the amount of time given to each problem. In this activity, students should be prepared to explain the difference between solving a quadratic equation versus solving a linear one. Algebraic functions such as distributive property, the associative property, the commutative property and multiplicative and additive inverses are addressed.

    Algebra Four

    • Algebra Four is an interactive game where students practice how to solve algebraic equations. The game, designed for two students, is similar to Connect Four. The goal of Algebra Four is to have four pieces of the same color in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically. In order to earn pieces, a user needs to solve an algebraic equation.

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