What Does Your HDL Mean and Other Information About Your Cholesterol

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Are you wondering what does your HDL mean? Your HDL is a specific measurement that relates to the level of cholesterol in your body.
Other parts of your cholesterol measurement include your LDL and a measurement of your triglycerides.
If you have high cholesterol, then you may be at a high risk for heart disease, so you should make certain lifestyle changes to help keep you and your heart as healthy as possible.
Your HDL is also known as the good sorts of cholesterol.
While most people tend to believe that cholesterol is generally bad, it is however important to realize that certain sorts of cholesterol are actually good.
It is alright to have a high level of HDL because this good kind of cholesterol can actually help fight against high levels of the bad cholesterol.
Although numbers can be effected by many factors such as age, an average count for men is between forty and fifty milligrams per deciliter of your blood, and for women more like fifty to sixty milligrams per deciliter.
Your LDL is what you consider your bad sort of cholesterol.
You want to keep your level of LDL low, since higher levels of LDL typically mean that you will be at a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attack.
The measurement of LDL in your blood is actually a more accurate way to tell if you have high blood pressure, as opposed to looking at your total blood cholesterol (which is the sum of measurements of your HDL, LDL and your triglycerides).
The typical measure for LDL to show a low risk for heart disease is anything below about 159 mg/dL, however optimal level is actually anything below 129 mg/dL.
Triglycerides are pretty much a measurement of fat.
Therefore, obese and overweight individuals will most likely have a higher count of triglycerides.
The combination of high triglycerides and high LDL (bad cholesterol) usually go hand in hand, along with low HDL (good cholesterol) levels.
If you find that you have high cholesterol, your best bet is to make some lifestyle changes as soon as possible.
Start getting more regular physical exercise.
Also be sure to stop smoking.
Eating a healthy diet is another great way to start to get your cholesterol levels back on the right track.
To learn some more about cholesterol, how to interpret your cholesterol score, and how to maintain good levels of cholesterol start by searching on the internet.
The internet is a wonderful resource for finding the information that you need quickly and easily.
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