Ways to Avoid Having Bacterial Vaginosis - Maintaining the Balance of Your Reproductive Health

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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection diagnosed.
It is technically not a sexually transmitted disease but is linked to sexually active women, especially those having unprotected sex and with multiple partners.
It is caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria, which are usually normal flora of the vagina.
This imbalance causes a rise in the pH level, making it more conducive for other bacteria to live in.
Effective ways to avoid having bacterial vaginosis includes practicing abstinence.
If this sounds ridiculous, have sex with only one man-and with protection.
This way, you lessen your chances of having bacterial overgrowth in your vagina.
Avoiding douching is also one of the effective ways to avoid having bacterial vaginosis.
Frequent douching not only kills the good bacteria but also eliminates the good ones.
If you do douche, use solutions such as pure apple cider vinegar to preserve the good bacteria in your vagina.
Avoiding intra-uterine devices is also among the effective ways to avoid having bacterial vaginosis.
They can encourage the growth of bacteria and even possibly increase the chances of ascension of the infection if they are not properly maintained.
This could result to another kind of condition namely pelvic inflammatory disease.
Recurrent bouts of this problem can cause adhesion of your fallopian tubes due to persistent inflammation.
They may also cause scarring, which can possibly impede the passage of sperm and ovum.
Bacterial vaginosis, in itself, can not cause infertility but can heighten the chances of having conditions that can cause the inability to conceive.
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