The significance of the engagement rings

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An engagement ring is a small but important piece of jewelry for a woman. In modern times when a man and a woman decide to get engaged with the intent to marry each other, such occasion is celebrated with the mutual exchange of an engagement ring. Such rings are worn on the third digit of the left hand; this has a scientific reason as well.

The third finger of the left hand contains a vein that passes right through the heart. Usually an engagement ring is worn by the bride, to display her acceptance to get married. It is, in almost all cases, gifted by a man to his would-be bride only after the girl has accepted the marriage proposal. The ring symbolizes a never ending commitment and mirrors the woman's unique personality, style and relationship with her fiancĀ©e.

Engagement rings are also known as promise rings, and they come in myriad shapes and styles. A ring studded with a white diamond has been a preferred choice since time immemorial. But of late, people have started to experiment with this status quo. Now people have started replacing the white diamond with pink sapphire. The reason being, it resembles the rare and costly pink diamond. It's a cheaper alternative to the uber-costly pink diamond. The lowest value in which one can lay their hands on a pink sapphire is Rs. 20,000. With respect to the cut of the sapphire, emerald and round cut still is the preferred choice which is closely followed by squares and oval cuts.

Rings that are styled ergonomically have the capability to resist the strain of casual usage while others that are more delicate do not possess such luxury of use. Usually it's the bride's prerogative to choose between style statement and utility. Apart from gold, platinum as a metal still rule the roost for engagement rings. Platinum being rich in luster exemplifies the brilliance and fire of a diamond. Tarnishing being the least of platinum's problems also plays to its advantage. Betrothal or engagement rings were in vogue during the times of the Roman Empire, but it took a backseat in the ensuing years, right until the 13th century where it gained prominence once again in the western world.The first documented use of a diamond ring in the form of engagement jewelry can be traced back to the year 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy.

As the fashionista's has come a full circle, from pedal pushers to bell bottoms. So it does not comes as a surprise that super-hot style statements have given way to antiquated rings.This is easier to comprehend as the old-styled rings have a distinct aura of classicism woven around them.

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