Ski Jobs

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Ski Jobs
The jobs on the snow run the gamut from ski and snow board instructor, ski patrol, ski shop technicians, mechanics to service the grooming machines to the janitorial staff that shovels the snow. Filling the instructor positions usually mean you must be certified by one of the accrediting organizations. However, if you want to be an instructor don't despair, even the accrediting organizations realize you have to have experience to become certified and therefore they urge resorts to hire non-accredited, eager and competent skiers and snowboarders to teach in their ski and snowboarding schools under the tutelage of certified instructors.

Ski Instructor Jobs

Of course you must be an accomplished skier or snowboarder before applying for a position as an instructor but, if you are, the next step is go for it. Remember, as much a part of instructing that your own skill on the snow is, you need the ability to teach beginners and people looking to improve. There are many great skiers and snowboarders who just can't do that. Ski and snowboard school directors are always looking for competent skiers and snowboarders wanting to be instructors and who have the patience, the personality and the communication skills to convince the students that can do it and how to do it. During the season many areas offer clinics for would be instructors with the goal of offering the best candidates a position in their schools.

Ski Patrol Jobs

Becoming a ski patroller is actually harder than becoming an instructor. When skiers and snowboarders get seriously hurt it is usually when they are on an area demanding much more skill than they have. So, to bring them aid on the most difficult terrain the patroller must be an expert skier, period.

Since aid involves administering anything from basic first aid to possibly securing broken limbs there is need of extensive training. The National Ski Patrol spells out all the first aid and other courses needed for certification. However, again you don't always start at the top and you may be able to get on a resort Ski Patrol while in training. All areas are strict on qualifications and steps in training so it is best to check with resorts on an individual basis as to their needs.

Operations Jobs

Jobs in the snowmaking, snow grooming, ski tech department, lift operations and vehicle and equipment maintenance require an expertise in that they are trade jobs with liabilities and require training. Of course, the right person with a little training and a good work ethic stands a fair chance of landing an entry level position with the same resort perks as service personnel. Remember these jobs work everyday during the season - snow, ice, or bitter cold.

All resorts appreciate good work in hard conditions and if you like winter work you could find a career on a mountain.

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