3 Things You "Know" About Your Body That Just That Aren"t True

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Think you know your body? Like the back of your hand, right? Well, probably.
But here are three things you know that just ain't so.
Chewing Gum Stays in Your Stomach for 7 Years Uh, no.
Like all the other indigestible things we eat accidentally or on purpose (hair, sand, fingernails, Captain Crunch), gum get pushed along the digestive track and exits about 20 hours later.
If You Don't Wait an Hour After Eating to Go Into the Water, You Will Get Cramps and Die Nope.
Exactly 0 deaths have been attributed to swimming after eating.
This old mother's tale does have a small basis in fact.
You will not die, but you may however get mild cramps or indigestion.
Digestion of food takes a tremendous amount of energy from the body.
So does vigorous swimming.
If you are not in tip top condition or if you have eaten a large meal, chances are that your body will only have enough energy for one or the other.
If it chooses digestion, your legs may fatigue and even cramp.
If it chooses to send blood and energy to your legs, the food in your stomach will stay longer than it otherwise should and start to ferment.
Hair Grows Thicker and Longer If You Shave It Sorry.
Wrong again.
Hair is hair and you are basically stuck with what you have or don't have.
This myth probably comes from two ideas.
One is that short hair feels coarser to the touch than longer hair.
And two, men and women start shaving at an early age when most of the hair on their bodies is new and fine.
As they grow older it matures into the thick and coarser hair of adulthood.
But age makes it so, not shaving.
By the way, just so you know - hair does not continue to grow after death.
Neither do fingernails.
Although sometimes, especially in the case of musicians and actors, you bank account may.
Ask Elvis.
Now there was a great head of hair.
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