How to Apply Webbing to a Chair

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    • 1). Remove the old webbing from the chair. Each end of the webbing is attached to the chair frame with a screw. Remove the screw with a screwdriver and save the screws to attach the new webbing to the chair frame.

    • 2). Clean the frame of the chair after all the webbing has been removed. Any rust can be removed with steel wool. Wash the frame with a mild detergent and clean cloth. Apply a silicone spray lubricant to the hinges to prevent sticking. Dry the frame before attaching the new webbing.

    • 3). Measure the length of the old webbing. Use scissors to cut the new webbing according to the lengths of the short and long webbing pieces.

    • 4). Fold 1 inch of webbing backwards on all the ends to create a double thickness. Push a screwdriver, or any pointed tool, through the double thickness of webbing. Make the hole in the center of the double thickness.

    • 5). Push a screw into the webbing hole with your hands. Use a screwdriver to attach the screw into the hole on the top of the chair frame. Attach the opposite end of the webbing to the hole on the seat frame. Continue attaching the webbing, matching hole for hole.

    • 6). Attach one end of short webbing to the top side rail of the chair frame. Weave the short webbing through the long webbing and attach with a screw to the opposite side rail frame.

    • 7). Alternate the weave as each short piece is attached to the frame to create a basket weave.

    • 8). Continue weaving until all the rows are filled.

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