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If we are talking about the iPhone then it means we are talking about the Apple. All Apple device comes with pre-loaded Safari browser whether it is Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you always find the Safari browser pre-loaded on it. There is nothing wrong with this browser but today I discuss some other browser for iPhone. Let's have a look some other browser for iPhone.

Safari browser comes with every iPhone by default. The browser is not bad even it is good to have with device for deep integration with browser and OS. Using Safari user can sync data on device for which iCloud allow to user keep bookmarks updated. If we are talking about page rendering the browser is good speed wise. But the power user will not like as it has some lack of tweaks and bland UI.

Pros: Preloaded browser, not require tweaks for optimization, good performance

Cons: Bland UI, Tweaking option missing for power user

chrome-for-iphoneThere was many sigh of relief on the launch of Chrome for iOS. Using Chrome on your PC and on iPhone or iPad you can easily sync the data between two device. In Chrome there is useful feature that allow user to quickly go to other website, for that open new tab and there will be some favorite pinned just as speed dial to make quick selection. There are some niggles also with the browser like too many elements on UI. The tabs are too closer for phone version and it can be little awkward.

Pros: Speed Dial, Multiple device sync, easy Incognito access, good UI

Cons: Slightly overbearing interface for phone

ucbrowser-for-iphoneUC Browser
The UC browser for iPhone us much underdog with the latest update. UC Browser is the most alternative amongst other browser for iPhone. comparing with Chrome browsing experience is good for iPhone. The browser allow to share on Facebook and Twitter even also allow to pin to Evernote within the browser integration. There are RSS reader integration also and also saves the data charge by compressing the data and switch to speed mode when browsing through 3G. The only problem with UC browser that it could not render site properly for first time for some site but after refresh it does well.

Pros: Good Rendering speed, Gestures, Many Features

Cons: Rendering problem for first time with some pages

I would also like to hear your experience for iPhone about these three browser and if there is other you can also suggest.
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