Now Might Be A Good Time to Start Saving Water!

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I've always found it interesting that we have a planet which is covered by water, at least two thirds of it that is, and yet, we find ourselves at a shortage of drinking water and fresh water supplies.
The real challenge is the distribution of freshwater, the rest is salty and we can't drink it or grow our crops with it.
First, it needs to go through the water cycle of being evaporated, forming clouds, raining, and then we can drink it because it is fresh at that point.
We have huge underground aquifers and freshwater lakes of course.
Unfortunately we are using up the water faster than it is replenishing.
Some say the answer is desalination, others say it is conservation and using water wisely.
I believe it is both, and might I suggest that; "now might be a good time to start saving water!" The reason I say that is even here the United States with a population of only 300 million on a very large landmass we are often challenged with their freshwater supplies, and we are demanding more all the time.
The other day I was reading though my "TX H2O" magazine, the Summer 2012 issue and the lead article was; "Texas Drought Recovery - are we there yet?" and it appears the answer is no, not only for Texas farther South, but the whole upper Midwest of the US is under severe duress.
The lead story was interesting, but there were 5 other articles in the magazine all about the drought.
About the time I had finished that first article, I noted the "breaking news" on TV where there were 97 barges in a giant traffic jam on the Mississippi River, as the water had receded, and the barges must stay in the center otherwise they'll get stuck.
Barges are cheaper than trains, the trains are now full, and trying to move all that by truck is almost impossible, it would put too many trucks on the road, and the trucking companies can't hire the drivers fast enough, nor do they have enough trucks which are free to move it anyway.
We have fires in California, and don't exactly have an abundance of water to fight those fires, nor is there enough in the lakes to supply all we need.
Being in the car wash industry previously, I've always kept an eye on water issues and which cities, counties, or states have entered Level III Drought designation, which means that often there are water restrictions for homeowners - you can't wash your car in your driveway or water your lawn for instance.
Worse, the car washes are rationed then eventually forced to close - no water use at all.
Yes, the writing is on the wall, and if no one has told you up until this point, or if you have "let it go in one ear and out the other" and think that the water situation will just automatically go away, I'm telling you it won't.
It takes each and every one of us, so now might be a good time to start saving water.
Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.
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