Website Usability Best Practices

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When you are building your website, you get only one chance to attract and grab your visitors for your website. As it is famous phrase that first impression is the last impression. The relationship of a visitor become with a website, when that visitor visits first time any website. Generally, the homepage of website is so easy and attractive that a visitor can consume it within 5 seconds but many reports show that this should be so attractive and easy that a visitor can consume it in just milliseconds.
Here are some practices, which are helpful in this regard and these can be, your website usability best practices:
Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S)
Always keep the homepage of your website simple, try to avoid many clusters on it and overload of content. Many people who are looking for the specific content of your website but due to lot of content in the form of advertisements and colors attract them toward irrelevant data due to which they found your website useless, even though your website has the relevant data which a visitor wants. The navigation on your website should also be simple so that visitors can easily get their require data from your website without wastage of time. This thing will create a strong relationship between your website and visitor and that visitor will tell other visitors to visit this website.
Immediate Answers of the Basic Questions of Visitors
1-Where I am now?
2-What are the services and products this website offering?
3-What are the things, which I can do here?
4-What is the procedure to involve in this business?
Professional Look

The logo of any website is the main thing, which attracts visitors, and you can say it is one of the website usability best practices. Make this thing sure that the logo of your website is on the best place of your website and links which you are providing on your website are working well. If all the require links are not on the prominent place then make a 404 page. On this page you inform visitors about their location and purpose of visiting your website.
Navigation and Logo Should Be Attractive
If your website is allowing visitors to navigate on a page forward then make this sure that they can navigate easily to back or homepage. You can design the logo of your website through many methods or processes. Three simple ways to make and place a logo on your website are following:
1.There should be a prominent place on your website for the logo of your website or company.
2.The logo of your website or company should have link with the homepage of your website.
3.Make sure that the logo of your website on each page of the website should be on the same place.
These are some of the simple ways, which can be helpful for you in making an effective and attractive website. These are website usability best practices, which can increase traffic on your website.
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