Sewage Waste Treatment Will Prevent Environmental Hazards!

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Sewage water must be treated and used for industrial purpose.
It also reduces the risk of endangering living creatures.
If not for the treatment of effluents, the chemical present in them will lead to the growth of harmful algae and pose a risk to living species.
As these effluents are biodegradable they break down easily and become part of the environment.
Untreated water may be harmful to mankind and cause diseases such as diarrhoea.
There are specially designed machinery which will help in treating these effluents from home and industries.
These effluents are treated at Water treatment plants and made fit for consumption.
With a high concern on water scarcity it is important to tackle this problem.
If we start treating waste water half of the world's problem would be solved.
These effluents are dangerous and leaving them unattended will be very harmful.
Toxic chemicals and radio active elements are present in these effluents.
Disposing these chemicals to natural resources will contaminate the elements present in them.
Some of them can be burnt at high temperature and energy released from this can be used.
Certain products found in the effluents can be recycled.
It creates new products and thus minimises the cost of waste disposal.
You can get environment friendly by reusing the products through the process of recycling.
This will also prevent any depletion of natural resources.
Protect environment and treat waste water too.
It thus tackles dual problems in a cost effective manner! This way, water will be treated and made hygienic and safe for consumption.
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