Cracking the Secrets of Success at Online Dating - 4 Super Tips on How to Date Multiple Women Online

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Online dating has been evolving over the years from a underground and almost taboo form of dating to a mainstream and socially accepted method of dating.
Long gone are the days when people were embarrassed to acknowledge that they met their partners online via a dating site.
More and more people are signing up to this great social dating medium.
I would say it is now become of the best spots to meet women, beating bars and clubs in some instances.
What is great about it is the flexibility it provides you with.
You can meet women at any time, which is great if you lead a busy life.
Also it is great that this is an extremely targeted environment full of single women looking for men to date.
I've put together a strategy that should see your online dating success sky-rocket below:
  1. Post a Good Photo: This is non-negotiable.
    You MUST have a good photo.
    You don't have to be a good-looking guy, but you have to look good.
    You have to make sure the photo you put up displays your best features and makes you look cool.
    You will lose out on 80% of your potential dates, if you get this wrong.
  2. Cool And Fun Profile: You want your profile to project yourself as a fun, social and outgoing guy.
    Also post some interesting things about yourself.
    This is what will encourage a girl to want to meet you.
  3. Playful and Fun E-mail: You HAVE to send e-mails, if you want to go on dates.
    This is a very important part of the process, that people tend to underestimate.
    The e-mails you send to girls, should be fun and playful.
    You want to demonstrate to them that you are fun guy and that is going to encourage them to meet you.
  4. Keep One E-mailing !: You have to constantly be e-mailings girls.
    It is a very simple formula, the more e-mails you send, the more dates you will get!
If you follow these tips then you will be well on your way to succeeding at online dating and should be dating multiple women.
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