How to Clean Lambskin Rugs

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    • 1). Use warm water and a special cleaner, like Woolskin Wool Wash Sheepskin Shampoo. Many people use baby shampoo to save money.

    • 2). Wash your lambskin rug using the delicate setting of your washing machine. Once the basin fills, pause the machine to allow the rug to soak for 30 minutes. Then, turn the washer back on to allow it to go through a complete wash. Alternatively, hand wash the rug by soaking it in the shampoo/water mixture for 30 minutes, scrubbing it with the palms of your hand and then rinsing it. Follow the dosing instructions found on the label as different manufactures have different strengths. However, for the baby shampoo you will only need to add a teaspoon of shampoo per gallon of water for both the machine and hand methods.

    • 3). Squeeze out any excess water and lay your lambskin rug as flat as possible outside in the shade.

    • 4). Brush out the wool once it's dry. Use an animal brush to get your lambskin rug looking fluffy and new.

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