How to Make a Diva Doll

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    • 1). Read the game guide and browse the forum on MyDivaDoll.Com to get a feel for how the game works. Make a free account with your choice of username. Be sure to read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy first to be certain that you agree with the website's terms of use.

    • 2). Create your doll's look. When your account is created, you are taken immediately to a dollmaker page where you can choose the appearance of your Diva Doll. You can choose your doll's skin tone, hairstyle and color, and facial features. Click on the icons to go to different options for each feature. When you are satisfied with the look of your doll, click "Confirm" at the bottom of the page. You can go back and make "makeover" changes at any time, but will have to use your game money for each change.

    • 3). Purchase clothes for your doll with your game money, called "DivaBucks." You start automatically with 25 DivaBucks. Click on the "Shop!" function at the top of your screen and choose a boutique to shop in. Click on the icons in each boutique to look at different types of clothes, accessories, furniture and pets. Test out each potential purchase with the "Try It On" function under each item. When you have decided on what clothes you want to buy, click "Buy."

    • 4). Go to the "My Condo" section at the top of your screen. Click and drag on the clothing items you bought to put them on your doll. Click the disk icon in the corner of the condo screen to save, and the clothes will show up in your user icon.

    • 5). Make more DivaBucks with your Diva Doll. Send your doll to work once each day by clicking on the "Work for 3 DB" link under your user icon. You are automatically started as a nanny, but there are many other job choices, including model, rock star, indie singer, actress and various fashion industry jobs, each of which have a different salary. You can swap careers once you have gained attribute points, such as intelligence, charisma, creativity and style.

    • 6). Gain attribute points through training. In the "Attributes" section of your condo screen, click on the training link to gain experience percentages. When you reach 100 percent, you can choose a type of attribute to level up in.

    • 7). Continue sending your doll to work and leveling up your attributes until you can choose a higher-paying career. As you earn DivaBucks, buy more training, clothes and items for your condo. Level up in sophistication by using the "Flirt" function to introduce your DivaDoll to male non-player characters. Participate in the community through the forum and chat, and by commenting on and voting for other users' dolls.

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