How to Keep Chipmunks From Digging Up Pots

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    • 1). Loosen the dirt around the inside edge of the pot with a trowel. Tip the pot on its side and gently shake and slide the plant from the pot with the soil intact.

    • 2). Invert the pot over a piece of hardware cloth and trace around the top of the pot with a marking pen. Return the plant to the pot.

    • 3). Cut out a circle on the hardware cloth with wire cutters. Cut on the inside of the traced line. Cut out a hole in the center of the circle of hardware cloth large enough to accommodate the stem of the plant. Cut the circle of hardware cloth in half with the wire cutters.

    • 4). Fit the two sections of hardware cloth on top of the soil around the stem of the plant, with one section on each side of the stem. Cover the top of the screen with a thin layer of soil.

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