4 Steps To Results

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Let's talk about the traffic you get to your site.
When the prospect is looking at the opportunity, they are going to want to know your story.
They are going to want to know what kind of person you are.
This information is what they truly base their decision on.
Why? People will do business with you because they want to work with you.
This is why branding yourself and what you stand for is so important.
You should put a great deal of thought into why someone would want to work with you and what you can offer them when you are creating your brand.
After you have created your brand the next step is to place yourself in the market.
You will want to find the most cost and time effective ways to get yourself in front of as many prospects as you can.
Marketing Yourself No matter what you decide to get involved with your number one priority needs to be marketing yourself.
You will find many ways you can market yourself.
I am going to tell you the least expensive but most effective ways to do this.
These things are not listed in priority as I feel they are all necessary.
Marketing Tip one: You will want to share your knowledge, helpful tips and shed insight on topics related to your business in the form of a blog.
Marketing Tip two: There are a ton of free classified ad directories you have access to.
Some examples are Craiglist, frreclassifieds.
com etc.
Use these to post links to your site.
Marketing Tip three: Video marketing.
This is a creative way to market yourself.
Create videos based off your articles, blogs or tips.
Then sign up with video sharing websites.
For Instance, Youtube.
Again, make sure your video includes a link back to your blog, website, or capture page Marketing Tip four: Sign up with the article directories such as ezine.
Then you will want to writing articles with a link back to either your blog, website, or capture page.
Then submit the article to the article directories Leads I have covered just a few of the ways available to you to generate traffic and traffic results in leads for your business.
For this to be the most effective you will need to make sure you have a landing page where people can opt-in by filling in their name, email address and maybe telephone number in exchange for the free product or service.
I remember when the way to get leads was to buy them.
I think the idea of buying leads is a mistake.
I think the options laid out above are better ways of getting targeted leads without wasting you time and money.
Another bonus is you now have a valuable tool to use to teach someone else interested in starting his or her own business.
Don't waste your time and energy reinventing the wheel.
You have set your goals and are excited to start towards accomplishing them.
Find a sponsor or mentor to show you what you need to do to be a success.
They can help you avoid the pitfalls.
Achieve your goals even faster than you thought possible.
Please remember it does not matter which company you represent.
What matters is you!
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