Mobile Car Detailing Services

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Our car is our cash valued asset we never want to give away anything in return or in exchange for. This is the limit of love and admiration we give to our car. The affection is a result of the prolonged time span spends with your car carrying your friends, buddies, pals, family and colleagues. Your car is your completing soul companion. However when it comes to our car care and repair and maintenance work, why we always become so harsh and ignorant to our best friend. Our car needs to be washed and cleaned very once a while as in twice a month in particular.
We actually provide the most extensive and breaching mobile car detailing services and you no longer have to wait for your turn. Whether it is Monday, Friday, or a Sunday, our services are not constrained on the days of the week or month but the quality of services provided to our valued customer. The pattern mostly followed is a twofold one for car detailing. First of all, the car is gone through the dry phase and then the wet phase. The dry phase is nothing but the cleaning of car with pressurized air removing the dirt stuck deep down in the carpets, residing in the corners, the unnecessary junk inside your car, the autumn leaves and dried flowers in short for the removal of all the dry constituents, pressurized dry air is used.
After this, the car is washed with pressurized water connected to the motor that makes the flow of water easy, continuous and injecting high speed due to the nozzle fitted at the exterior end of the pipe. The car is washed continuously for five to ten minutes and even more for different cars depending upon how much effort is needed to clean them up. The wheel rims, mud guards, bonnet, doors, roof and the posterior end is extensively washed. After this the car is shampooed with special car wash shampoo and the wheels and steel alloy rims are brushed hard. Leaving no space behind then the car is again washed. And the procedure is repeated of necessary.
After this the car is allowed to dry. Three persons start drying the car with cleaned cloths while the other person is busy in washing the carpets. Not only this, the car dried completely from outside and polished with vinyl from inside. The dash board, steering, roof, door panels are polished. The bumpers on the exterior are polished and waxed. All the minute scratches are diminished. The polishing is an extensive task and requires time. the original shine is back and the gloss is unbelievable. The seats are shiny and dirt free and the car looks like a new one with the smell of newness from the inside. This is exactly what we want you to feel in actual.
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