Alcohol Abuse - False Cures

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There are many false cures advertised to cure those suffering with alcoholism.
No one at any time, anywhere, has any idea of what the definition of alcoholism is unless they've had the problem themselves.
It is infuriating when you see promotions for, in generic terms, "You Can Get Sober in x amount of Days" by people who not only don't know or care what addiction is in the real sense on any level and how serious it is, sometimes life threatening, but have designed programs to cheat the people who are in enough pain to buy their false promises.
Any user searching for help must be careful not to be taken in by the false claims out there under the guise of offering a cure for alcoholism.
It might be tempting to the individual who is desperate and in need of help now, but the genuine articles are few and far between.
There are pages and pages on the internet of hyped up offer after offer, most using regular sales material amazingly enough (the same tactic they would use to sell you a piece of sporting equipment) not caring at all that they are treading on sacred ground.
A person who suffers from alcoholism, from the beginning stages to the advanced stages, has an extremely serious affliction, and will need at least some legitimate help to overcome this huge obstacle.
Alcoholism is a disease that over time will take everything from the user, ranging from his or her friends, family, house, health, finances, anything that resembles peace of mind, and usually the last thing to go is the job.
Alcoholism is the only disease that tells you, even when your life is falling apart, that everything is fine.
This renders alcoholics vulnerable when they are in the midst of the disease, and there should be a law against these predators who further victimize the victims.
Since there are no such laws in place, the alcoholic or potential alcoholic will have to be more vigilant in looking out for himself and others in his situation, to see to it that these "phony cure" profiteers are unable to make money off of the suffering of others.
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