Tips on hair extension care in the summer

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Salt water, chlorine, sweat and sun can damage the natural sheen of the hair and those with hair extensions, the summer can turn it into a tangled disaster. The summer season is synonymous with sun and sweat, which can not only damage your natural hair but also those extensions. It is of two types, artificial extension and human hair extension, which are either sewed into the head or taped but both necessitates some extra care as compared to your natural hair as it faces a number of challenges, especially during the summers. For bonded or sewed in extension, the biggest threat for it is water as these are more fragile when wet. Among all the human hair extension available in the market, Malaysian hair is the most preferred ones. However, taking care of it is very essential if you want your extensions to last long. Here are some tips to help you take care of the extensions during the summers:

 1.       Wash your extensions gently: No matter whether its summers or winters, you need to handle these with utmost care. It is important to wash them on regular intervals as these extensions soak the oil that is released naturally from the head, which can damage the extensions, if not washed on a regular interval. In addition, the oil will make it greasy and the fibers in case of synthetic extension and hair in case of the natural ones will fallout. To wash these, soak it in warm water, then cover it with clarifying shampoo and rinse it off with cold water. One important thing that should be kept in mind is that you should not comb or brush the extensions when wet as it will shred out hair and will not last longer.

2.       Keep your extensions moisturized: If you style them quite often, you should moisturize them on regular intervals as they often become dry faster. Apply some leave-in conditioner evenly with a comb to keep the moisture intact, which lends the sheen to these extensions. However, do not overdo it as it will make them greasy and might even fallout from the head. One important thing that should be kept in mind is that do not apply it on the tape as it will cause them to slip off. Apply it atleast an inch or two away from the roots.

3.       Do not leave the extensions wet: You don't have to avoid swimming during summers or refrain from enjoying the sea, but make sure that you don't keep them soaked in water for long. Wipe them off immediately and dry them using an air dryer. Wet hair breaks off immediately so make sure that you properly dry them and do not tie them up.
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