How to Book a Vacation Like a Pro - And Save Hundreds

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A little known secret: Agencies work on behalf of the resorts: A lot of the big hotels today are turning more and more to booking agencies to drive traffic toward them.
What does that mean? Well, what it means is that aside from the traditional ways to advertise, resorts and hotel chains are turning more and more to creative, imaginative and new ways to interact with their audience.
In a rapidly shifting modern world, where new platforms and applications are born and declared paramount virtually overnight, advertisers stand at a loss when deciding what are the best means to go about advertising their business.
It's hard to catch up with the innovations and technology unless it is your full time job.
Radio ads, commercials, travel agencies and print news are all still very important players and no big campaign is complete without them, but in today's world, it isn't enough.
We, as consumers, are going on line to "look for deals" and to check prices.
Today's economy is tough and we as consumers have the benefit of comparing multiple prices within the minute, using a selection of specialized sites.
Multiple windows happily pop-up, while we sit and sort through them with glazed eyes.
It seems like everything that's related to travel has to do with "Save on Something", a mere vacation is not enough anymore, it has to be a "Luxurious Getaway" with a "VIP Package" attached.
And "All Inclusive" is king.
So what else is new? How do we optimize our savings: The news is that today's hotel chains are turning more and more to boutique agencies for bringing guests to their resorts.
Enter the booking agencies: Normally located right outside of the grounds, they use cold calls and Email blasts to invite guests back, or to attract new ones via special promotions.
Created for this purpose only, it usually guarantees that the agencies are able to compete with internet wholesalers and travel agents by offering even lower price levels.
What's more, having such direct access to the resorts boosts trust levels.
Resorts overseas suffer an even stiffer completion: With the rising prices on airfare, it means they are forced to offer even greater savings off of their packages than the resorts in the States.
Finding these agencies online however, is not easy: They are small and new comers and don't rank high on search results.
Many times, the owners do not see the need to advertise because their business comes from repeat guests.
Others will invest in just a modest web site and leave it at that.
Actually sorting through the internet in an effort to find how many such sites are out there took me three and a half hours and produced only four web sites: one was out of order and the other three each offer a distinct resort group in different destinations: Cabo San Lucas and Cancun in Mexico, and Aruba and Jamaica for the Caribbean.
So how can we access those deals? It's a matter of luck.
If we are not on that "list" and don't receive one of those "phone calls," then it's up to us to shift through piles of search links and web pages.
In my next article, I will share with you a list I composed of useful tactics that I'm sure many will find useful.
In the meantime, I encourage you to flex your own muscles.
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