The Best Way to Boost Your Bust - Spiral Flap Augmentation Vs Implants

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Want bigger breasts, but not sure you want to get implants? Implants aren't perfect, and many women are still concerned about the risks.
Luckily there are now lots of alternatives.
You've probably heard of the new "spiral flap surgery.
" How does it measure up against implants? What Is Spiral Flap Augmentation? This is a state of the art medical procedure designed for droopy boobs, and it's not at all hard to understand.
Flap - First, an area of fatty tissue is located in the arm, shoulder or chest area.
Spiral - It is then rotated to the area where you want it - the chest! Augmentation - This fatty tissue is used to make your sagging chest perky and pert, just the way you wanted it.
It sounds alright, doesn't it? Before you decide it's what you want, let's look at the pros and cons of this remarkable surgical procedure and the traditional implant.
After Massive Weight Loss This surgery provides a great final step when you've lost a lot of weight.
It is ideal for the pancakes many women are left with after losing so much weight.
It also kills two birds with one stone - you remove the fat from an area where you don't want it...
and put it in an area where you do! The Sizing Problem One of the advantages of implants, though, is that your plastic surgeon can accurately predict the size of your new chest age.
This can't be done with the flap procedure.
These days, doctors use their years of experience, as well as new technology like computer imaging, to get the size you want.
With this new method, it may be tricky to predict the exact size.
And, getting the wrong size means doing another operation! Both Have Risks It would be wrong to not discuss risks, so here goes - We all know that implants have a shady history.
This is one reason we're looking for alternatives.
Sometimes silicone ruptures, and there are problems with infections.
However, in recent years, implant technology has gotten safer and more efficient.
Using tissue from your body is nice because you are not inserting a foreign object.
It also gives you a natural feel.
In general, it is a safe operation, but there is some risk of tissue death.
It's not as horrible as it sounds! What it means is that the implanted tissue gets severed from your blood flow, and dies.
Then, it must be removed.
It is a small risk, but it's there and should be noted.
Many women have been happy with their breast augmentation from both procedures.
They are both quite advantageous; it's just a matter of deciding which is right for you.
Talk to your plastic surgeon at your consultation and decide which way to go.
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