Is Your Relationship Going Anywhere?

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There was a point in time that you first saw each other.
You obviously liked what you saw because you started to talk.
There must have been something there, some connection between you because you started to date.
Do you remember the fun that you had, going on dates and talking for hours.
Time flies when you are having fun, and before you knew there you were in a committed long-term relationship.
But then you got to know each other, it was not as special as it had once been, you did not talk as much, you did not go out as much.
What happened to all those hopes and dreams? It has left you wondering, is your relationship going anywhere? Have you reached the stage where you are not sure if you want it to go anywhere? I think that most people want to go through life with a partner at their side.
I think that most people hope for a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship.
I also think that far to many people forget that you have to put some effort into the relationship to make it work.
Although I would question if making your loved one happy, and by extension yourself is really work.
Is your relationship going anywhere? We lead busy lives and sometimes the relationship has to play second fiddle to everything else that is happening in you life.
You have to realize that although you might have important commitments, if you want to have a relationship that works then you will have to give it the time and the respect that it needs and deserves.
Do you both want the same things out of your relationship? Do you want to get married, have kids, move, buy a house or rent.
For your relationship to succeed you need to be on the same wavelength.
If you are no looking for the same things, and neither is prepared to compromise, then the chances are that you can look forward to bitterness and strife.
If that is the position that you are in, then you need to consider the viability of your relationship.
A relationship is a partnership of equals, and both of you have an equal responsibility for making the relationship work.
If only one of you is committed to the relationship then it will be difficult to make it work.
If their partner is not prepared to do anything, then they need to question their partners commitment to the relationship.
Relationships tend to follow a set pattern.
You meet, date, enter a committed relationship, get engaged, get married.
Somewhere along the way you might also have kids.
Do you want to get married and your partner does not? Marriage is the ultimate symbol of two peoples love for each other, it also scares a lot of people.
Maybe your partner has seen to many divorces and does not want to ruin what you have.
Maybe your partner is comfortable as they are with all the benefits of marriage, and none of the commitment.
Whatever the reason, if marriage is important to you then they have to listen to you.
If they will not give you the commitment that you need then are they for you? Maybe you are following the path to marriage and beyond, but you still have that nagging question, is your relationship going anywhere? There are two vitally important components to any successful relationship, communication and spending quality time together, without them you do not have a relationship.
Without communication how would you have met your partner, how would you have got to know each other, how would you have known that there is something between you.
I am sure that you communicated at first, and probably took great pleasure in sharing your lives together.
Communication ties the two of you together, without communication you have nothing to tie you together.
If you really want to build a great relationship then you are going to have to share your lives at a deep level.
You have to know each others wants and needs.
You have to learn what makes them tick.
You have to learn how you can help them and what makes them happy.
It all takes communication.
Regardless of what is going on in your lives you have to spend quality time together.
People will enter and leave your lives on a regular basis, whilst you two could be together for decades.
Call me a free thinking radical but does it not make good sense to enjoy those years, and to take pleasure in being in each others company.
A bit of, "YOU," time can help you to recharge your batteries, it can bring the fun and excitement back into your relationship, it will help you to reconnect, and it will make the spark burn bright.
You do not have to spend a lot of money on having fun together, you could just go for a walk or curl up in front of the T.
Look for new things to do together, share each others interests (you never know), you could take a class or whatever.
What matters most is that you are doing something together and that you are enjoying being with each other.
Is your relationship going anywhere? Only you can answer that.
It might be that your relationship is coming to its natural conclusion.
It might also be the case that your relationship can be something really special.
You both have to want the relationship to work, and you both have to commit to making it work, and I hope that it does work for you.
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