3 Important Flirting Advice For Men

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Flirting advice is very important part of dating, and people really should learn some new tricks to improve their dating. Flirting is a way of showing your sexual interest to woman, without saying any words. When you do flirt with women it sends the message that you are sexually attracted to her and considering to have sex with her. But how a man should flirt? To answer this question I prepared some great flirting advice for you. Just continue reading.

One good technique to start with is a popular one - "cheeky smile". You just add this smile in your conversation when you just met and it will change the dynamic of conversation completely. It will get from friendly to more sexual, which is a good sign.

Also this will make her wondering what does that mean, and she will be flirting back to make sure that she understood your intentions correctly. This is quite important flirting advice.

Just make sure you practice this "move" in front of the mirror, to get it right. It's not over the top smile, it's a relaxed and confident, plus it quite mischievous, which shows the sexual interest in her. So don't scare her by creepy smile, and don't over-do it, or she will think you are a freak and run away. Don't smile more than 2 times in 5-7 minutes, and all will be perfect.

Flirting advice number two would be eye contact. Eye contact should be frequent, but not intimidating or offensive. But still, contact should be quite long. One great tip is to look through here eyes on the imaginary point behind her head, this will make her feeling very amused and even sexually aroused, if you do this right. Just don't stare, you always need to be relaxed and in control, don't look like a nervous computer geek trying to flirt. It should come naturally. Of course it requires some practice.

Another tip in eye contact would be blinking less, or not at all for some time (it is not too hard to train yourself for not blinking for 15 minutes straight), this will make you appeal very dominant and in control. Just don't intimidate her, such looks can be very scary as well, if done just a bit differently. The key point in eye contact is relaxation, you should not look like you are trying to perform something. And of course you can end your long look with a devilish smirk, always works.

Next thing in flirting advice is touching. It can be really powerful. Actually, touching is simple human need it is critical requisite for a successful flirting. It is also a great way to judge if the woman likes you. There are several ways for touching.

First one is to touch her when she is funny (or trying to be). Just start to laugh and grab her hand for a second, at the wrist area. If she will pull away quickly, stop holding her immediately and try again later, when she is more comfortable with you. Next one is to hold her hand and lead her somewhere, if you are in very crowded places. So if you are forced to walk in one line, this method will surely work, just give her hand and lead her to a safe place where you can freely talk.

So there you go. Most basic flirting advice is said, just remember to get better at flirting every week!
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