How to Make a Bridal Shower Bowquet for the Bride

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    • 1). Designate a bridesmaid or friend to perform the task of creating the wedding rehearsal bowquet. Not only is she responsible for creating the arrangement, but she should also be able to bring the bowquet to the rehearsal evening after the shower is over.

    • 2). Poke a hole into the center of the plate and cut it large enough to accommodate the width of your finger, as this will enable you to accomplish the task more easily.

    • 3). Sort out your long ribbons from your short bows and string the long strands through the hole in the middle of the plate. Loop each loose end around the top of the plate and tie each ribbon end to its opposite end at the bottom of the plate.

    • 4). Repeat this process with all your long ribbons until the entire base of the plate is covered. When all of the ribbons are knotted securely, grasp them all together and knot them as one strand, if they are long enough. If they are not, that's okay, too, as the bride's hand will be close enough to the paper plate to provide the stability required to hold it comfortably.

    • 5). Place the short bows on top of the plate and tape them in place to cover the surface. You may also wish to make a cascading bowquet by taping ribbons like streamers to the outside edge of the plate. Alternatively, if you need to make to top of the plate look fuller, tie some long ribbons into bows and tape them to the top.

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