How to Not Blow Up Your Second Interview

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The second interview means that you have been chosen to go to the next level.
This indicates that you have done well with the initial interview and that the company has seen some potential in you.
However it is no longer that easy in the second interview.
In most companies this is the final interview.
This means that this may be the determining stage to whether they will hire you or not.
So how should you act on the second interview? Should you be pretending? Should you try too hard just to please your interviewer? What should you bring? What should you wear? I bet these are just some of the questions that are lingering on your mind right now.
I am also pretty sure that there are a lot of butterflies in your stomach now that you have been called for the second interview.
The best advice? Relax.
Nothing is more excruciating than waiting for the time when the employer or the interviewer will talk to you.
Being in a state of panic or being nervous will not help you but it will just make your negative feelings grow.
In order for you to relax, you need to be prepared.
This means that you need to prepare for the day of your second interview.
This will again include the clothes that you will be wearing, the documents that you will be bringing, the route that you will be taking and even the time that you will be leaving your house.
This may sound exaggerated, but it is true.
If you stop to think about it, if you are prepared ahead of time, then you will not be rushing.
You will not worry whether you wore the right clothes or if you forgot something.
The second interview is almost the same as your first interview only this time you will be critiqued more.
So if you were at your best during your first interview, you should be on your very best during the second interview.
Also preparing for a possible panel interview or an outright examination is important.
You just need to refresh yourself on possible items that you think would appear in an examination.
Also, you should practice talking to a lot of people.
This will be good preparation just in case you are to face a panel for the second interview.
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