Bass Fishing Technique Education

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Do you like to fish for bass, whether it's largemouth or smallmouth? Would you like to catch more fish? Be able to show all your fishing buddies that you can catch fish, just as good as they can.
Would you like to be able to fish like the pro's? Maybe enter and place in a few local bass tournaments.
Then here are some tips that will provide just that.
When fishing with crankbaits in clear shallow water, use a dark colored bait.
Clear water acts almost like a mirror and makes it harder for the fish to see.
The dark color makes it stand out better against the skyline.
This will help the fish make a cleaner strike on the bait.
Thus creating better hook sets and more fish in the boat.
When trying to locate fish on a large lake look for schools of bait fish.
This can be done with a fish finder or by watching for surface activity.
It will be much easier to locate the schools of baitfish than to locate individual bass.
This bass fishing technique comes into play because of the bass being the predator looking for it's prey.
Another bass fishing technique is the use of the spinnerbait.
Try probing deep structure, when bass are becoming selective with their feeding, with a spinnerbait.
Fishing spinnerbaits deep also lets you cover a greater area much quicker.
This will help you locate and hopefully catch more fish in less time.
If you would like some more bass fishing technique lessons click here.
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