Final Fantasy 14: Tips, tricks, and secrets to Power Leveling Your Way Up

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If you are interested in leveling up as quickly as possible in Final Fantasy 14 here are a few tips that will guide you through the gruelling leveling process. These are tips, tricks and secrets that can guide you on how to level up faster than anybody else on your server in this game. This tricks and tips should help you power your way to higher levels than most of you friends and enemies.

Take down one city at a time (baby steps)

The most common mistake that the average final fantasy player makes is taking on quests from multiple cities at once. Taking quests and from a bunch of random different areas at once is bad for the main fact that you are wasting your time traveling back and forth between cities. If you were to focus your questing on one city or one place at a time you will be able to hammer out way more quests because you are chopping out all that time it takes to move between places. The trick to leveling up faster in final fantasy 14 is to complete one hub at a time before you move onto the next. You will cut down on most of your traveling time by doing this method and you will also work your way to level 50 much faster this way. Race and class should not matter for this tip, in final fantasy 14 as long as you stick to one city at a time for questing purposes you will level up a lot faster.

Avoid wasting your time with bad quests (focus on what's important)

During your power leveling career in final fantasy 14, you should always ditch the bad quests that take a lot of time. It is truly annoying when you spend a lot of time on a quest in FFXIV that is just not worth it to you. Before you accept any quests read the requirements of the quest and make your decision if its worth it to you or not to invest your time into this quest. Final Fantasy 14 is full of quests-good and bad ones, and it is up to you to pick out the best quests that will allow you to power level quickly.

Find the ideal spot for questing (locate the best spots that give out the most experience)

Before you start your online adventure with FFXIV, you should locate a spot that is good for questing. Your first location that you start out in will be ideal for all beginners because the quests and enemies you face will be easy. Quests that are located near packs of mobs are essential because these quests will give you a challenge that is related to the mobs, and you can quickly complete quest after quest using this secret. If you are picking quests that are near a lot of people on your server, you will have to wait for respawns and items to appear. Avoid accepting quests where everyone else is so you can quickly move from quest to quest.

Using these tricks and tips I was able to quickly level up surpassing most of my online friends. But then I came across an online final fantasy guide that was full of even more tricks, tips and secrets that helped me reach my online gaming goals. I highly recommend using this FFXIV guide if you want extremely detailed tips and secrets for getting level 50 on your server. Click the link below for more information on this awesome power boosting guide.

FFXIV tips, tricks, and secret guide
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