How to Remove a Gorilla Glue

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    Gorilla Glue on Skin

    • 1). Fill up a sink with warm, soapy water --- you can use acetone instead of water. Put the plug in the sink so the water stays in. Soak the area of glued skin in the warm water. Let the skin sit in the water for a few minutes so the soap can work properly.

    • 2). Wiggle the glued area in the water to give the soapy water the ability to penetrate the glue bond. Remove the body part from the water and pull the plug so the water will drain.

    • 3). Peel the glue gently away from the skin. Apply moisturizer or lotion to the area where the glue was. This will help heal the skin from being dried out by the glue.

    Gorilla Glue on a Surface

    • 1). Spray the surface with a glass cleaner. Allow proper time for the cleaner to sink in and work.

    • 2). Wipe off the cleaner with a rag and remove the remaining glue with a scraper. Carefully scrape off the rest of the glue, being careful not to damage the surface underneath the glue.

    • 3). Apply cleaner once more and wipe it off to further clean the surface and remove any left over gunk from the glue.

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