How to Always Keep Your Man Satisfied Around You? He Will Never Leave You If You Can Keep Him Happy

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The secret to a satisfying relationship is having both parties happy.
Many relationships fail all because one has been selfish and the other won't give in and compromise so both end up heartbroken and miserable.
As a woman, what can one do to make her man contented most of the time? Read on and find out: Look good for him and for yourself Men appreciate it when women put in more effort to dress up and smell nice when they're together.
It simply means that he's important to her thus the extra mile in making sure she looks more than all right.
Men are very physical creatures so they see the overall look first before anything else.
Never decline whenever he asks for sex, if possible It's a fact: men need sex.
They can hardly survive without it.
So keep his happy hormones pouring in by spending sexy time whenever he asks for it.
That will make him less grumpy and more energetic.
Stroke his ego every once in a while Nothing pleases a man more than his girl needing and wanting him.
They have huge egos and the only way to make things okay when he's having a hard time is to give his ego a boost.
Tell him how he pleasures you so much, how he's such a hardworking guy and how admirable his dedication to his girlfriend is.
That will make him feel better in no time.
Refrain from being a nag Getting something into a man's head takes more than telling it to him again and again and again.
A subtle persuasion would work more than nagging at him the whole day.
A man never likes a nagger for a girlfriend, she would drain his energy.
Instead, be calm and cool.
That would work like a charm.
Never tire of caring for him While doing the same things repeatedly might bore him, he would like it if his girlfriend remains as sweet and thoughtful as she was some years ago.
Being together for several years doesn't mean she stops cooking for him, taking care of him, springing surprises for him.
What a girl just needs to do is improve what she has been doing ever since.
Add variety, but maintain the love and affection he found in her before.
Keep the communication lines open 24/7 Be honest always to your partner but learn how to deliver it in a way that he won't get offended.
A relationship is strengthened by being open to listen and accept each other's opinions and beliefs.
Nothing is ever solved by a screaming match.
Respect him if you ever want to be respected Listen to him when he says something.
Never take his opinions for granted.
Men are not robots who can't think for themselves so give him a chance to exude his inner machismo sometimes.
Holding his principles in high regard is similar to upholding his whole being.
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