Are You Ready For The Next Global Depression

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On February 2 2007 a group of scientist from around the world at a global warming and climate change summit in Paris announced that global warming is in fact happening at an alarming rate and that humans are at least 90% to blame due to emissions from using fossil fuels.
They went on to say that a world of change is needed in order to curb global warming.
The scientist also says that no matter what we do now, global warming will probably continue for centuries.
The major emitters like the United States, Canada and Great Britton are not in accordance with the Kyoto accord largely due to economics and the environment will continue to get much worse if the governments around the world do not take drastic action and make plans to cut green house gas emissions by as much as 1/3.
Prime minister Steven Harper of Canada has already said that cutting green house gasses by 1/3 is next to impossible and that complying with the Kyoto accord is not possible economically.
China one of the fastest growing economies in the world is being blasted by the international community for not doing enough to curb green house gasses.
More gas guzzling automobiles are being introduced in China every day than any other country in the world and the demand for oil in China's bustling economy is huge.
It is apparent that oil and gas consumption is the core of the problem.
We have the technology today to go completely green with electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
There are also ways of producing green electricity to power our homes.
Governments around the world need to act now to save our planet even if it means plunging the global economy into a depression.
This is why it is so difficult for government to cut green house gasses.
Look at Canada's economy.
We have about a 3% growth rate.
But if we take oil producing Alberta out of the equation our growth rate drops to less than 1%.
Oil and gas is fueling our economy and the world.
Oil and gas is fueling our global warming woes.
We need to make a choice now.
Our climate, or our economy.
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