How to Apply 1950"s Retro-Glam Makeup

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Everything old is new again!  The swinging styles of the 1950's never go out of season, and this classic retro-glam look can be perfected with ease.
  This pin-up girl fashion works with any complexion and hair color and adds the perfect punch to your vintage 'do and thrifty threads.
  You'll first need to stock up on the essential basics to keep in your cosmetic case, including liquid foundation, cover-up powder, black liquid eyeliner, black mascara, an eyebrow pencil and of course, ruby-red lipstick.
  Once you have your supplies, start by creating an even canvas.
  Distribute the liquid foundation (one shade lighter than your natural skin color is great for this look, as it helps give a porcelain glow) onto a clean cosmetic sponge.
  Work the foundation evenly over your skin, paying special attention to darkened circles, problem areas, and creases (such as around the nose).
  Sweep the sponge over your eyelids as well in lieu of eye shadow.
  Next, use the eyebrow pencil (try to find a shade that most closely resembles the color of your natural brow) to lightly line and fill in your eyebrow for a high-impact look.
  Using the liquid eyeliner, create a thin, smooth line just above your lash line that extends slightly farther than outer corner of your eye.
  If so desired, angle the liner upward into a point just past the eye for a winged effect.
  Next, sweep the mascara onto your eyelids, using multiple coats.
  Alternate between eyes in order to let the mascara dry slightly in between applications.
  Apply two to three coats per eye, starting at the base and wiggling the brush toward the tips of the lashes.
  Set your foundation by patting your face with the powder, and apply the red lipstick for a full, plump pout.
  Break out the Buddy Holly and party like it's 1959!
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