Sleeping Tips for My Baby

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    Establish a Routine

    • Establishing a routine of certain activities will help your baby learn to associate them with sleeping. Examples are a warm bath, infant massage or story-time. Begin doing the activity you choose every night at bedtime so that your baby will start to expect to be put to bed.

    Encourage Daily Activity

    • Keep your baby active during the day and limit the amount of time he is allowed to nap. The mental and physical stimulation of regular activities during the day will make him tired and more likely to sleep during the night hours.

    Put Baby to Bed Awake

    • While it may seem like a good idea to sneak your baby to bed once she is asleep, it will not be beneficial for her to develop good long-term sleeping habits. It is important that babies learn to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own. The best time to put your baby to bed is when she is tired but still awake.

    Ensure Comfort

    • No one sleeps well if they are uncomfortable, including babies. Dress him in soft, clean and comfortable clothing appropriate for the temperature. Ensure that you have fed him and puthim to sleep with a clean diaper. Make the atmosphere of the room conducive to sleep by keeping it low-lit and quiet. Your baby may prefer the room completely dark or falling asleep to music or nature sounds, so experiment with different combinations of light and sound to see what soothes him best.

    Manage Pain

    • If your baby cries and will not sleep, be sure she is not suffering from common infant pains associated with teething, fever or gas. If she arches her back often while crying it could be a sign or gas that you can relieve with a tummy massage and/or over-the-counter infant gas drops. If your baby is teething, it can cause pain that you can treat with infant acetaminophen and/or infant oral topical gel.

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