Strength Shoe Exercises

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    Running Exercises

    • Running while wearing Strength Shoes is an effective exercise for building calf muscle, according to Running exercises with Strength Shoes should be performed safely and correctly to prevent injury.

      Since Strength Shoes are geared toward enhancing gains in explosive bursts of activity--common in sports such as basketball, football and volleyball--a great exercise for getting the most out of running with Strength Shoes is sprinting drills. On a basketball court or similar area of flat, hard, smooth surface, practice sprinting to one end of the court and back. Upon returning to the starting position, sprint back to three-quarters or half of the court length and return, continuing to reduce the distance until you've completed the drill or fatigue compels you to rest. This will develop your calves to enable bursts of speed over short distances.

      Make sure to stretch properly before running. You should stretch your entire lower body, including quads (thigh muscles) and hamstrings, as well as calves and ankles, before you begin. Long-distance endurance running is not recommended while wearing Strength Shoes, since the product is designed for calf muscle growth rather than cardiovascular fitness, and is designed for a flat, even surface.

    Jumping Exercises

    • Strength Shoes product website says that you can add height to your vertical leap with proper exercise wearing the shoes. This one is almost a no-brainer--you're going to be doing some jumping while wearing the shoes.

      One exercise to beef up the calf muscles with the aid of Strength Shoes is the standing vertical leap. On a flat, hard surface, jump as high as you can from a stationary position. Repeat as many times as you can, until you begin to feel calf fatigue or the "burn" in those muscles. This is good, because it means the muscles are being worked and will rebuild stronger after a day or two of recovery.

      Another way to use Strength Shoes to improve your jump is to play a small, half-court game of basketball, preferably one-on-one, and concentrate on close bursts of speed toward the hoop followed by leaps as you take a shot. Use caution while exercising in this way, staying mindful that you have nearly two extra inches of sole at the front of your shoes.

    Skipping Exercises

    • It may seem like a childhood activity, but skipping is actually an excellent calf exercise practiced by athletes and martial artists to improve the spring in their legs. Strength Shoes can augment skipping by putting more force on the calves and hence promoting more gain.

      Again, a basketball court or a quarter-mile circuit track are the types of places you will want to practice skipping exercises with Strength Shoes. Concentrate on flexing your calf muscles to propel yourself upward and forward as you skip--although you will probably find it difficult not to concentrate on your calf muscles while wearing Strength Shoes. Allow a natural spring in your movement and alternate skips between your left and right legs.

      A variation on this exercise is to skip for a distance repeatedly using one leg to do the propelling, then switching to the other leg as the initial one fatigues. Skipping exercises like this are an effective way to use Strength Shoes in your exercise program to produce calf muscle gains.

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