Why Bus Graphics is a Better Deal for Advertisers

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Contrary to popular belief, advertising is a pretty complicated industry. Professionals in this field need to think in analytic and creative terms to effectively communicate the brand and product to the target market. Because the target market is an organic "entity" that continues to grow as the years progress, advertising needs to be a couple of steps ahead to continue to entice them to believe that certain brands and products are extremely relevant to their lives.

The target market constantly evolves and it is quite hard to keep up with their ontology and tastes, and therefore the advertising industry must look for novel ways to appeal to them. Vehicle wraps--especially bus graphics--are gaining popularity among the advertisers because of their effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

Buses are ideal for vehicle wraps because they have a large and flat surface. Therefore, bus graphics can easily be seen even from a distance. A billboard is not much different from bus graphics, but the latter can move from place to place, dramatically increasing the number of people that who will see the advertisement. Bus graphics are also a very novel way of advertising products and services--it is no wonder that the consumers respond to the vehicle wraps better than they do with traditional mediums. A good 97 percent of the consumers will buy something they have seen advertised on bus graphics, and a nearly perfect 99 percent remembered the advertisement vividly.

Bus graphics are also relatively inexpensive to produce, despite their astounding results. Only TV commercials can deliver nearly the same amount of impressions (the amount of people who will see the advertisement) and significant spikes in the sales report. But TV commercials are quite expensive to produce. The advertiser will need to hire a creative agency that will conceptualize the advertisement for them, then actors or celebrities to endorse the brand, a production crew that will shoot, edit, and finalize the TV commercial. All those production costs do not yet include the cost of placing the advertisement to air on television channels.

Producing bus graphics is a lot simpler and less costly. An advertiser will need to contact a creative agency or design studio first, but only to produce an advertising layout that will be perfect for the dimensions of the bus. These will need to be printed and applied on the vehicle, and placed on the buses for a certain amount of rent.

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