New Year Resolutions 2011 – Quit Smoking

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Smoking is one of the most addictive habits that one can pick up during their lifetime. Once the habit is deep rooted, it is not easy to quit; something that can be judged from the large number of people who have tried to quit smoking but failed. However this does not deter people from making New Year resolution year after year to give up smoking. Even this year, a large number of people have decided to quit smoking from January 2011 as a part of their New Year resolution.

Why people smoke?

Scientists have come up with lots of explanations on why people smoke.  The reasons are very different for teens and adults. For teenagers smoking is fun, a form of self-expression, experimentation with something new, a way to emulate their role models or even a way to handle peer pressure. The chances of a teenager smoking are very high if one or more of his family members or close friends happen to be smokers. Adults smoke cigarettes for an entirely different reason. For them smoking is a way to combat work or relationship stress, boost their self-esteem, control their weight or even socialize.

Recently scientists have proven that smoking cigarettes can lead to lung cancer and other diseases. Naturally this has worried a lot of smokers and nowadays more and more people are trying to give up their smoking habit.

Why people can't quit smoking?

A lot of people try to give up smoking but are unable to do so. The main reason why people can't quit smoking is because cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive.  The other reason is that there is no plan or therapy that works for everyone. Some people are able to quit smoking by consulting their doctors and following the plan or medication while others require advanced therapies such as hypnosis, talk therapy or other expensive programs. A lot of people are not able to afford the cost of such programs so they continue to smoke.

How to quit smoking?

The best way to quit smoking is to identify and follow a plan that can help you to give up smoking.  It is perfectly alright to seek help from doctors, family members and colleagues. It would also help to exercise and meditate so that you are able to control your urges. Finally you must believe in yourself and be mentally strong so that you can not only quit smoking but also give it up forever.

Even though it is difficult to quit smoking, it is not impossible. If you plan to give up smoking, then New Year 2011 is an excellent time to make your quit smoking resolution and chalk out a plan. If you are looking for a good program that can help you to give up smoking, then check out the highly acclaimed Quit Smoking program by Robert Mellor.

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