Shaun T Insanity Review: Scorch The Fat Right Off With This Workout

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In my Shaun T Insanity review I want to show you how, if your serious, this DVD will be the recipe you need to be successful.Insanity is all about getting off your butt and change your life. Think you can not do it? Shaun T's great motivational skills will certainly help anyone make great progress towards their physical fitness goals.

Are you wondering what to expect when you start getting into the Insanity workout? First things first, it is an easy explaination: you can expect a lot of hard work. This is a difficult program that will ask you to dig down deep. You should expect to sweat a lot. The pools of sweat that you see in the videos are real. My parquet floor was a little hard for me to do the workout, so I had to buy a carpet to do the work.

I had to literally sit back and think when I started writing this Shaun T Insanity review. Were the workouts actually easier? The answer was no they weren't, but Shaun T. "eases" you in. The workouts were very tough in the beginning, and I gotta admit I wasn't even in real bad shape when I started the training.
You'll start out going six days a week and focuses on improving your cardiovascular conditioning. You'll quickly be able to push yourself longer and harder in some of the strenght exercises as your cardio improves.


You'll end up burning about 1000 calories in these workouts, because they are so intenst. The time they last is about 45 mins up to an hour. That's including your warm up, cool down, and the actual workout. Maintaining this level of intensity past the time in these dvds would be difficult.

You'll change both physically and mentally throughout the process. You'll not only feel good, but you'll also have the looks to go along with that which will bring along a great sense of achievement when you complete the program.

My Shaun T Insanity review wouldn't be complete without mentioning that you'll be sore. It is a good soreness, though. I simply look at it as a reminder that I'm actually doing something that is good for my body. I simply look at it as the fact that I've improved myself by having the sore feeling. I'd actually feel a little bad that I didn't push hard enough if I didn't get the feeling.

If you have had some type of pre-existing injury then this program might pose a problem for you as I've heard some complaints that some people have some tenderness in joints, particulary knees, because of the plyometrics. Be sure to wear proper footwear and use the best surface you can. One of the attractive points Insanity is that it does not require equipment, you can do it in your living room. Just make sure your living room is a suitable environment for your body.
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