How to Change the Serpentine Belt on a 2003 B3000 Mazda Truck

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    • 1). Park the vehicle in the well lighted workspace and open the hood. Locate the belt diagram under the hood to give you a visual guide. The diagram on a 2003 B3000 Mazda truck is located on the back middle part of the hood.

    • 2). Remove the cover from the alternator with your adjustable wrench. On a 2003 B3000 Mazda truck the cover is near the radiator on your left side. It is rectangular and will twist off with little resistance.

    • 3). Locate the hexagonal bolt in the middle of the alternator. Securely place your socket wrench on the bolt and turn it counterclockwise. The belt will begin loosening. The more you turn the nut the more slack you will have to remove the belt.

    • 4). Pull the belt off the alternator and continue removing it from around the other pulleys. Track your steps while removing the belt, because installing the new belt is the same process in reverse.

    • 5). Install the new belt on the alternator, looping it through the other pulleys. The 2003 B3000 Mazda's components are close together so you will have to go slowly. Use your diagram to guide you through this process.

    • 6). Tighten the bolt on the alternator until the belt is somewhat tight around all the pulleys. Guide the belt with your free hand while you are tightening it so it doesn't come off the pulleys.

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