How to Make a Safe Room

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    • 1). Choose a room in your home to be the safe room. Preferably, you will want to choose a comfortable room with only one entrance that is easily accessible from all areas of the house and far from the ground floor entrances. This room should have space for sleeping, a closet and plenty of space for the family to hide.

    • 2). Install an external security system. Place a monitoring station with internal activation in your safe room, possibly in a closet. This will give you plenty of warning about home invaders or incoming problems. This is the single most important part of your safe room, as the security system can protect you by its presence alone, and can quickly alert the police to your situation, one of your most important lifesaving tools.

    • 3). Install a heavy exterior door to your safe room and change the door frame to provide extra security. Heavier door frames will allow you to put stronger locks in place, and will be able to withstand heavy force from outside. Attach deadbolts and doorstops to your door.

    • 4). Acquire a heavy safe and have it installed in the floor or wall of your safe room. If desired, keep a gun or Taser in your safe, along with valuable papers and identity information. Keep a cell phone or emergency cell phone in this room at all times.

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