What is Considered Low Pile Carpet?

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    Low Pile Advantages

    • Because the pile is so low, this type of carpet does not show footprints or vacuum cleaner trails. If pets are in the home, it is an appropriate choice so claws don't get tangled and fray the carpet. The low pile does not hold dirt, making it easy to thoroughly clean with vacuum cleaners. The surface of this carpet type is so tightly woven it is nearly impenetrable to liquid spills, which are easy to wipe up if caught within minutes of the accident. Low pile carpet will outlast other carpet types by years.


    • The flat smooth surface of low pile carpet shows dirt nearly as easily as tile or wood floors. If you are looking for a carpet that feels cushy and comfy under your feet, this is not for you. Not only is the surface flat, its tight weave make it feel scratchy and hard to the touch. It is typically installed with a thin, durable padding underneath that helps it wear longer but provides very little cushioning when walked on.

    Low Pile Types

    • Woven low pile carpet is constructed on a loom, so the threads are tightly looped through through the backing. Tufted types are secured to the backing with knots, which creates a softer finish. Woven low pile is available in fewer colors than tufted varieties and shows dirt more easily but it generally stands up better to high traffic than tufted pile. To mask the appearance of dust and dirt, pick a style with a pattern woven into it such as swirls or specks. Whichever type you choose, for the longest wearing carpet, choose one labeled high-density and made from sturdy synthetic materials.

    Recommended Applications

    • Heavily used hallways leading from the most used entrances to the home are viable candidates for low pile carpet, as are those leading in and out of mudrooms or attached garages. Installing low pile carpet in basements, recreation rooms, laundry/utility rooms or other rooms makes cleaning up spills easier and if the carpet is treated with a protective stain-resistant solution, it will look new for many years.

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