Lose Man Boobs by Eating

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Man boobs are caused not only by obesity, but also by feminization.
Feminization is caused by low testosterone level and high estrogen level.
Therefore, adjusting those two levels is the most important thing to do in order to reduce man boobs.
This can be done by taking certain nutrients while avoiding some other nutrients.
  Let's talk about things that are good for hormonal balance at first.
Broccoli and cauliflower are two of these foods that should be included in your daily dietary plan.
They play an important role in modulating the estrogen level.
  Zinc is one of the nutrients that are required for the enhancement of testosterone.
Food sources that contain zinc include beans, nuts, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereal, seafood and dairy products with zinc added.
Zinc can also be found in supplements.
  Then, let's discuss the nutrients or foods that you will definitely need to avoid as far as losing man boobs is concerned.
Beer is the one at the top.
Drink as little beer as possible or avoid it completely if you can, because hops in beer are incredibly estrogenic and have extremely feminizing effects.
So if you want to be kept away from enlarged breasts, stay away from beer from now on.
  Prescription drugs such as Cimetidine can also result in an imbalance of the hormones.
So if you are taking Cimetidine and suffering enlarged breasts, you might want to stop taking it.
  We have talked about the things that you need and don't need for man boobs reduction.
Sometimes, things like beer are kind of addictive.
In this case, you can gradually reduce the amount that you drink each time.
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