Weight Loss Tips That Work For Me

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How to lose weight is the most discussed topic due to increasing obesity in the busy modern life that doesn't let you spare the time for daily exercise.
Here are a few handy tips to reduce your weight.
Face the reality.
People are not willing to accept the reality that they are obese.
They are afraid of weighing themselves.
For weight loss, one should regularly keep a check and balance of BMI (Body Mass Index), which is the height to weight ratio.
  1. Water is the most abundant component of our body.
    Drink water as much as you can to keep your body hydrated.
    When your body is hydrated, you would have less hunger and eat less that will reduce your food intake.
    8 to 12 glasses of water a day are advised by doctors.
    Also reduce the salt uptake, it increases the weight by water retention.
  2. Stop skipping lunch and breakfast, this in turn lets you eat more at dinner and you gain the weight while sleeping at night.
    Starvation will slow down your metabolism and the night meal will be stored for your survival during starvation.
    Instead of skipping meals, eat smaller meals several times a day, like, having six smaller meals as compared to three bigger meals.
  3. Make good eating habits.
    Eat slowly, that will let your brain know how much more effort is required and chew properly at least 15-20 times on each bite.
    Eating slowly will automatically stop you from overeating.
    Eat in a calm place, not in front of TV or computer because our mind can't infer about how much more food is required.
    Share your food with others, which also reduces your food uptake.
  4. Try to eat yogurt on a daily basis to keep the bacterial count of your intestine in check which helps in proper digestion.
    Cut down the fatty foods like fast food, cheese, butter etc.
    , those contribute to obesity.
    Make a habit to have a glass of milk daily that fulfills your nutrient and saves you from calcium deficiency diseases.
  5. Take up more fibrous food like vegetables and fruits, this will reduce the requirement for sugary food.
    Abstain from fried food because it increases the level of cholesterol that can be horrific.
    Use an alternative food to fatty food instead of totally eliminating that food.
  6. Make exercise an integral part of your life, if not possible then walking will be the best solution.
    Walking keeps you active, so it is necessary for one to keep on walking as much as one can.
    Walk on work, if walk is not possible then stand up.
    Walk while talking on phone, walk while waiting or thinking.
    Don't sit in front of TV or Computer for a long time.
    Sit up and stand up straight to stay stretched, not losing the muscles' shapes.
  7. A normal sleep of 7-9 hours is a must to keep your body's metabolism appropriate and active.
    Make a slim and smart image of yourself in your mind and keep on concentrating on that image that will help you refrain from bad eating habits.
    Make that image your goal to achieve.
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