How to Change Super Duty Brakes

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    • 1). Lift the front end of the Super Duty using a truck jack and two jack stands.

    • 2). Remove all of the lug nuts on one of the front wheels with a tire iron.

    • 3). Pull the wheel off of the Super Duty and set it aside for the time being.

    • 4). Remove the two 14 mm bolts behind the brake caliper using a socket and wrench.

    • 5). Lift up the brake caliper and remove the two brake pads inside. If it is hard to remove the pads with your hand, you can pry them out with a flat head screwdriver.

    • 6). Use a c-clamp to push the piston back until it is flush with the rest of the caliper.

    • 7). Place the new brake pads into the caliper and place the caliper back over the brake rotor.

    • 8). Tighten the two 14mm screws behind the caliper to secure it back onto the rotor.

    • 9). Place the wheel back onto the Super Duty and secure it in place with the tire iron and lug nuts.

    • 10

      Repeat this process for the other front wheel.

    • 11

      Lower the front end of the truck and remove the jack stands, then raise the back end of the truck with the truck jack and secure it in place with two jack stands.

    • 12

      Repeat Steps 2 through 9 for both of the back wheels.

    • 13

      Lower the back end of the truck and remove both jack stands.

    • 14

      Check the brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir and top it off if necessary.

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