Is Cap and Trade Really a Cap and Trap in Disguise?

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The American Congress is attempting to impose a Carbon Cap and Trade Bill upon America.
American businesses and the American consumer will suffer greatly by enacting this policy.
I refer to the bill as Cap and Trap.
The cap on emissions would result in trapping American businesses to relocate out of this country in order to survive in a free trade environment.
Trapping American businesses into moving out of country would also trap American workers and the consumers of those companies that remained in this country.
The bill would restrict the amount of carbon emissions a company could emit.
A company would be required to purchase carbon credits in order to produce emissions over their allotted amount.
China, India, and Japan have all told American representatives that they will not follow in the emission standards restrictions that our government intends to impose upon the American public.
I am in agreement with China, India, and Japan.
Why should those nations self-destruct just because America is stupid enough to impose self-destructive legislation in order to reward ideology? Representatives Henry Waxman and Edward Markey headed up the support for the Cap and Trade [Trap] Bill that nearly passed the House of Representatives.
Proponents proclaimed the bill would create many environmental friendly jobs.
The Cap and Trade [Trap] Bill would result n the creation of a few new green jobs.
Representative Henry Waxman was so distraught by those who stated The Cap and Trade [Trap] Bill would cost 2.
1 million jobs that he hired an independent organization to verify his bill.
The independent organization findings were that The Cap and Trade [Trap] Bill would increase cost to American consumers and also cost American jobs.
The proponents of The Cap and Trade [Trap] Bill can only get the environmentally friendly organizations to agree with The Cap and Trade [Trap] Bill.
History has and always will result in reality out performing ideology.
Europe has been unsuccessful with its own version of Cap and Trade.
Only two European countries have reduced carbon emissions and none of the European countries have met their imposed target restrictions.
England has had some limited success by converting from coal-based energy to natural gas based energy.
Germany has lowered its carbon emissions per person by incorporating the old East Germany into its sphere.
East Germany was so backwards that it has not been able to catch up with the rest of Germany since the merger.
Europe as a whole has had dismal growth in its economy as a result of European cap-and-trade [trap] legislation.
Business does not refuse to use so-called environmentally green technology because they oppose using wind power, solar power, or other forms of environmentally green energy that is available.
Business does not utilize green energy because the green energy is more costly than carbon based energy.
Subsidies to solar and wind have not made them competitive with carbon energies.
They are still more expensive to use than carbon energy.
It is now time for America to attempt a different strategy in dealing with energy.
Let's eliminate all subsidies to environmentally friendly energy.
Let's instead rely upon the one source that made America great.
Let's rely upon the free market system.
The United States government should sponsor a ten-year contest to create environmentally friendly energy systems that could compete with twenty-dollar barrel petroleum.
Each of the participants would be required to erect a working model.
The models must be able to demonstrate how they could produce clean energy.
Furthermore, the models must demonstrate how full-scale systems could compete with twenty-dollar barrel petroleum.
All winners would share equally with $100 billion tax-free grant paid by the American taxpayer to build the new energy systems on a massive scale.
The winners would have the systems built tax-free by the American taxpayers.
The inventors of the technology would solely own the new environment friendly systems.
Environmentally friendly technology that is cost efficient with carbon energy would not be required to be subsidized in order to be sold.
Businesses from around the world would gladly purchase the new environmentally friendly energy from us.
This would create millions of new green jobs for the American workers.
It would be far more practical to trust the free market system than rely upon special interest ideology.
What do you think America? It is something for you to ponder over.
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