Make Dynamic First Impressions

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First impressions are akin to personal advertisement.
And like so much advertisement today we have only seconds to be memorable.
They key is being dynamic and being remembered as positively as possible.
Are you taking steps to achieve this? Are you aware of what kinds of first impressions you generally make? As a rule, it is a good thing to be aware of.
But it becomes of paramount importance when searching for employment.
In case you have not taken stock in awhile, here are a couple of tips to consider for making your first impressions as dynamic as possible.
  • At networking and social functions, or when meeting people for the first time; maintain eye contact, a firm handshake, personal confidence, and a positive attitude.
    Most recruiters agree that avoiding eye contact, a limp handshake, and a sour face or disposition will get your application round filed every time.
    Employers want to be confident that you will present the face of the company in a positive, confident, and friendly manner.
    After all when you work for someone you are responsible for both your and the company's first impressions.
  • Studies show that as little as seven percent of communication is the words you say.
    The balance of your message is conveyed through vocal tone, pace, and volume, facial expressions, body posture and all of the other nonverbal pieces.
    Make sure your language, tone, and volume are appropriate to the situation.
    When you see someone being very successful in a given social situation, it can be helpful to mirror those communication cues that are obviously making positive first impressions.
  • If you are concerned about how you may come across, try role playing with a couple people you trust.
    The adage "practice makes perfect" has some validity.
    While you may not be "perfect" you will build confidence and comfort with a variety of situations.
    The more confident and calm you are, generally the smoother your first impression.
Many things are outside of our control while we are seeking employment.
So, we want to maximize the effectiveness of those items we do control.
This includes the first impressions we make.
What first impressions do you make? Are they generally positive, negative or neutral? Are they inviting, or off-putting? Ask a couple of trusted friends to honestly critique their first impressions of you.
Use their feedback and these tips to help set the stage in developing personal and professional relationships.
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