How to Correctly Display U.S. Flags

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    • 1). Hang the flag from the very top of a pole, except when flying it at half-mast. Attach the flag to the pole so that the stars, or "union," are at the top. A flag with the union at the bottom is a sign of distress. If hanging the flag from a pole extending from a building, place the union at the peak of the pole.

    • 2). Place the flag to the left of flags of other countries from the perspective of viewers, and at the same level as those flags. Hang the U.S. flag higher than flags of U.S. states and municipalities, and at the center of them when there is more than one. Fly the flag above the flags of states and municipalities when they are on the same pole, but do not fly the U.S. flag on the same pole as another country's flag.

    • 3). Place the flag to the left side of a stage from the audience's perspective (which is stage-right from a performer's or speaker's perspective).

    • 4). Hang the flag vertically over a street. The union should be facing north (on a street that runs from east to west) or east (on a street that runs from north to south).

    • 5). Display the flag indoors on a wall or outside on the side of a building, horizontally or vertically, with the union at the viewer's top left.

    • 6). Illuminate the flag when flown at night. Otherwise, display it outdoors only during daylight hours.

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