David Guetta India Tour - What More Can an EDM Lover Ask for

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David Guetta is definitely one of the world's best DJ/producer. The David Guetta India tour is happening again. This time Guetta is performing at the same place Sunburn Goa is going to happen Candolim Beach, Goa. David Guetta is from France, he started performing at nightclubs, discotheques and small parties during the 80s and 90s. Slowly and steadily he conquered the world of music and went on to become a world famous artist. Guetta has a total of five albums to his credit and also has a couple of Grammy wins up his sleeve. He has collaborated with other internationally acclaimed artists such as Nicki Minaj, Black Eyed Peas, Flo-Rida, Akon, Fergie and many more. His way of sampling techniques and mixing and mashing music is quite brilliant as well as unique. Foot-tapping body-shaking, mind-numbing songs such as The World is mine, One love, People come people go and many more have shattered the world music charts time and again.
Electronic Dance Music is on its peak this time of the year. November and December, specially, are two months when the best and the wackiest EDM events are taking place. November saw EDM giants Swedish House Mafia performing in New Delhi. December has two massive Electronic Dance Music events happening. David Guetta and Sunburn Goa. EDM doesn't get bigger than this. As the year ends, the last two months spell fun, frolic and madness for electronica and dance fans. People go completely wild at these concerts. Crazy music, a wild ambiance and an overall mad environment makes electronica and dance concerts the best place to be at.
Electronic Dance Music started off at small nightclubs, discotheques and parties. It later went on to become a worldwide sensation. With amalgamations of different genres such as house music, trance, Industrial, techno and a whole lot of electronica elements, EDM became a widely loved genre. A lot of old techno/electronica bands such as Darude, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and many more started the whole dance revolution with their wild forms of trance/techno and electronica music. Slowly other forms of electronica and dance music started coming in. Genres such as house, Progressive house, Dubstep and many others. A well made combination of all of these genres gave birth to what we call Electronic Dance Music. EDM is a concoction of all kinds of different genres and sub-genres. Apart from the fact that electronica, dubstep, house, progressive house and techno is injected into EDM, there are also traces of the more popular music genres such as rock, soul, RnB and pop elements. This makes EDM as a genre stand out from the rest. People love the whole vibe and feel of EDM. The audience literally comes alive.
David Guetta India tour is the perfect icing on the electronica cake. Having already come before, Guetta isn't a new face to Indian audiences. Knowing how much Indian audiences love his music, the David Guetta India tour is definitely going to be a resounding success. The David Guetta India tour is taking place at Goa and for the Indian dance and electronica lovers, it doesn't get better than this.
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