How to Upgrade a Nanny Bot

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    • 1). Log into your Facebook account and start the MouseHunt game.

    • 2). Pursue certain mice in order to get three key Nannybot parts. The mice will drop the items, also called "loot," for you. Birthday Mice drop the "Nanny Bolts," Rockstar Mice drop the "Intimidating Pincher" and Present Mice drop the "Timeout Hour Glass."

    • 3). Build your basic Nannybot machine with these three items on a specific Facebook page that you will be able to see once you acquire the parts. Click the "Build Now" button on the page.

    • 4). Look for more loot from sets of new mice. You will need the "Superstar Nanny Glasses," the "Time Out Upgrade" and the "Chrome Nanite Clothing." Keep this loot in mind so that you know what to look for when the mice drop it. If you don't see any of this loot dropped, check Harbour General Store to see if you can purchase the items. Deconstruct the original Nannybot by smashing it with your cursor. The Nannybot will turn into the Chrome Nannybot.

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