Teen Shoulder Length Hairstyles

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    Choosing a Hairstyle

    • Hair texture, face shape and personal preference should all be taken into account when choosing a shoulder-length hairstyle. A rounder or bigger face can be elongated with layers that fall beneath the chin, while an oval face can look smaller with chin-grazing layers or with bangs. Curly hair will look puffy when cut straight across; therefore, a layered cut would be better. Straight hair, on the other hand, can fall pin straight in a straight cut such as a long bob, but may curl at the ends in a layered cut. Find pictures of celebrities or women in hairstyle magazines that resemble your hair texture and/or face shape, and that have a hairstyle you think you would like. Decide if you want more or less volume--layers give the illusion that hair is thinner or that there is less of it.

    Layered Cuts

    • Layered cuts work for almost any face shape and hair texture. The layers can be cut however you like. You can choose to have them cut shorter or longer, and if you want a lot of layers or just a touch of layers. Your stylist can recommend a layered style for you that will make your hair fall into place ideally. Note that a large amount of layers will cause fine, straight hair to become wavy or curl at the ends. These layered cuts can fall anywhere from above the shoulder and below the shoulder.

    Straight Cuts

    • Straight shoulder-length cuts work best on straight hair. They usually make the hair stay straight even after washing. In these straight cuts, usually every strand of hair is the same length. Another straight cut option is the long bob. The long bob imitates the bob cut in that hair is straight all over, but the front is longer. As a result, hair falls into place diagonally on the sides.


    • Bangs work with both shoulder-length layered and straight cuts and are a great way to update a hairstyle. You can choose between long bangs, blunt bangs or side bangs. By cutting bangs, you can try out a different hairstyle without drastic changes. A popular style worn by many teenage idols is a layered shoulder cut with side bangs. With bangs, you can leave your hair down, or put it into a ponytail or bun, either high or low. When you get tired of these bangs or want to grow them out, pin them up onto the crown of your scalp and hold in place using a clip or bobby pins.


    • Shoulder-length cuts are shorter than long hair, but are long enough to experiment with a variety of hairstyles. Hair can be pinned up to form a high or low messy bun, or it can be smoothed to form a tight, ballerina bun. You can pin up the front part of your hair onto the crown of your head using a clip or bobby pins, or you can braid it across your forehead. Ponytails, both high and low, work on shoulder-length cuts except for those that have lots of short layers. Use clips and bobby pins to hold up individual pieces of hair.

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